Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service owned by Meta Platforms, founded in 2004. Today, Facebook has a monthly active user base of 3 billion and has grown to become one of the world’s most popular platforms. Facebook has paid close attention to safeguarding its users against cybercrime and has taken essential steps to protect the audience.One of those steps is Reaction Preference.

” Reaction Preference” is a feature of Facebook that help secure your Fb account. It is an excellently designed feature that allows in concealing the likes and reactions to your Facebook postings.

It is proven that hackers target the victim’s loved ones when they initiate a hacking because, naturally, the fastest way to approach a person is through his loved ones. Like and Reaction buttons are now available on practically all social media platforms, including Fb. Indeed, the number of likes and reactions to a person’s post can be used to determine that person’s social media popularity. The sole aim of this new Reaction Preference feature of Facebook is to protect your account from unexpected cyberattacks by hiding the people who have reacted to your post from others. This feature will also save you from narrow-minded judgements of the people in the society. 

How to activate this feature?

Well, it’s not that hard!

Once you log in to your Facebook account, click the profile icon on the right. Then scroll down to the bottom and select the Settings option from the Privacy and Settings option. After clicking on the Settings option, you will choose several options. Choose the reaction preference under the preference options. Then activate the reaction preference option.

These simple three steps help you effortlessly enable the Reaction Preference option on your Facebook profile and help protect your loved ones from hackers.

Why not update your settings right now, folks?