The Clubhouse Journey of createˣ


As growth hunters, the createx team is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and expand our global footprint. We came across an exclusive milestone during that remarkable voyage when we were given the excellent opportunity to introduce the name createx to the globe. Clubhouse is that unique platform on which we have engaged to bring our name to the world.

Clubhouse is an iOS and Android social audio software that allows users to speak in audio chat rooms to accommodate thousands of people. Clubhouse directly competes with other social audio programs such as Discord Stage Channels, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Reddit Talk, Slack Huddles, Spotify Greenroom, Telegram Voice Chats, and Twitter Spaces. Global professional marketers have identified the importance of effectively using this social media channel to give a voice to their brand. 

Clubhouse’s primary feature is real-time virtual “rooms” in which users can converse via voice. Rooms are classified according to their degree of privacy. While the majority of interactions in Clubhouse occur spontaneously, individuals can schedule them by establishing events. When users schedule an event, they may give it a name and then choose the date and hour the chat will begin. Clubs are user communities at the Clubhouse that meet regularly to discuss a shared topic. Numerous clubs cover a diverse range of themes in Clubhouse, and users can search for clubs by name using the search option. A club’s users are classified into three categories: “Administrator,” “Leader,” and “Member.” Backchannel is the messaging capability that enables users to communicate via text individually or in groups.

createx hosts weekly sessions at Clubhouse via the different clubs we have originated there. These enlightening events provide a forum for speakers to share their thoughts and for listeners to gain knowledge about the issues we’re discussing. createx’s most famous clubs are “TECH x MARKETING POD” and “TECH x MARKETING STARTUPS.” You can also join us for an exciting, knowledge-sharing event every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Allow us to share our Club’s web addresses with you!


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December 2, 2021